Happy anniversary to 23 of our Coldwell Banker Danforth brokers!

Thank you for the great service you provide to your clients and our communities. Happy anniversary to our long-term professional real estate brokers:

1 year
Amanda Stanfield
Winnie Ho
Len Kosloski
Willa Hood
Tracy Krueger
Melissa Truax
Katie Savage
Melanie Witsman
John Frey
Owen Krueger

5 years!
Joy Tsui
Winnie Kwan
Marisa Callaghan
Julie Lang
Kimberly Morgan Story

10 years!!
Dawn Runyan
JD Harkins
Shawn Springer
Carl Porter
Steven Lieu
Ben Snyder

15 years!!!
Mindy McClean
Kimberly Lim

See the full Broker’s Banter magazine here.

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