Raising the Wall of Hope

Thank you to all of our CB Danforth brokers who wrote encouraging messages on the stud at this year’s awards banquet. This board became a permanent part of a future Habitat for Humanity homeowner’s home on July 8th, 2017. We’d also like to share a special thank you to Jack and Vicki Angus for representing CB Danforth at the Raising the Wall of Hope this year. Our board will become a permanent part of Ma Moore’s home in the new Tillicum neighborhood!

None of us want to think about the end of summer, but the upcoming school year is fast approaching and for many in need in our community, that means extra stress as they try to provide school supplies on any already tight budget. CB in the Community believes in supporting the children in our communities so they have what they need to start the school year off right. Below is a list of organizations we supported this back to school season:

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